Harnessing the Power of Nature for Bovine Hoof health

Bionator is the first 100% natural ointment approved for organic agriculture by Québec Vrai to treat bovine hoof diseases.

Easy to use and safe for animals and humans, Bionator ointment effectively treats bovine hoof conditions such as digital dermatitis (strawberry foot rot), abscesses, warts and ulcers. It is a beneficial and effective alternative to antibiotics.

In addition, no withdrawal time for meat or milk is necessary when Bionator is used as directed.

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Apply Ointment

generously on the infected area.


Cover with a bandage for 3 days.

Monitor the wound

Repeat as needed.

Let it heal uncovered

Once the wound is closed, simply apply the ointment.

No Withdrawal Time for Meat or Milk when used as directed.


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